Beyond Ligonier

Ligonier Evangelical Church is in partnership with other organizations

who purpose is to fulfill the Great Commission.

The Evangelical Church                                                                                                          

The Evangelical Church is a movement of “Harvest-focused, Holiness-fueled” churches committed to establishing healthy multiplying churches that proclaim the Gospel of free and full salvation from all sin for all people. It is our intent to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ to make disciples of all nations.

Evangelical Church Missions

Evangelical Church Missions is the cross-cultural mission arm of The Evangelical Church.  With offices in Portland, OR, ECM oversees ministries in Bolivia, Brazil, Liberia, Southwestern United States and works in partnership with ministries in the Fiji Islands, India, and Japan. In addition to supervision of the cross-cultural ministries, the office also serves the congregations of The Evangelical Church and missionaries on homeland assignment.     

World Gospel Missions

Serving God in holiness and righteousness, World Gospel Mission connects in ministry with churches worldwide to make disciples of Jesus Christ among all nations.



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